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Achieve XR-29 Compliance with FDA Approved XR-29 Dose Check

New requirements for scanners without dose alerts will impact your reimbursements beginning 2016.  XR-29 DoseCheck by Scannerside is a comprehensive vendor-neutral solution for achieving compliance with NEMA XR-29 "Smart Dose" standard as required by CMS. Stay ahead and extend the life of your equipment with Sapheneia and Scannerside.                                                                                                                       >Read more

Reliable innovations in medical imaging

Sapheneia was founded to make a difference. In dose. In delivery. In ROI. We specialize in diagnostic and analytical image processing solutions — and have since 2006, that enable radiation dose reduction through image quality enhancement. And now through our partnership with Scannerside, you can track dose trends, evaluate protocols, produce patient dose cards and more.

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Sapheneia / Scannerside unite to deliver

the most cost-effective, single-source solutions
providing greater patient safety while
helping you comply with new regulations.

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Your Single-Source Solution for Image Optimization, Dose Reduction and Dose Tracking

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